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Making more out of your system

The Best compression Tool in the world

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What's great about Synapse

beats all competition

Best compression algoritham

Synapse can compress your files to more than half the size it was, soon it will be able to compress 100 percent, which we think is insane

it is the best lossless compression

lossless compression

our compression is lossless so your files dont lose quality after compressing. The best is just one click away.

best people working on the code


we have the best programmers working on the code, and our engineers are some of the best. with our commintment it is one reason why it makes our platform better.

open to developers

add code on

you can add your own code, so that you can make the code 10 times better. We want our platform to be better so we want more developers to join in.

the competition

the code competiton

We at Synapse want people to get recognition if they do cool things, so we hold a competiton monthly for developers. people develop things for synapse and the coolest gets a shout out.


the simplicity of Synapse

We strive for simplicity, and we have achived that. Our platform is the most simple it can get, as it doesnt have that drag and drop, but it is clean simple and faster than any other programs.

donate and download

donate + 1 more

If you donate to synapse, you can get another version of synapse to gift to a friend, as we want to thank the people that help us out no matter how much or little the donation is

draw for us

draw for synapse

we not only want to give coders a chance to shine but artists and designers too, so each month someone has to draw a logo for syanpse and the winner gets the logo put on the platform

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founders info

,keep reading and get to know us

Daniel Turanov CEO of Synapse

I am the CEO of synapse, I got the inspiration for this project becuase I was always thinking of something new to make, or maybe make something better. than I thought that files are something that can always be improved. So I thought and thought, than came to the conclusion after days, that compression would be the thing.

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Leon Krugliakov CFO/CTO of Synapse

Hi I am Leon Krugliakov and I am the CFO/CTO of the company Synapse, I am very focused on the business side so I really am an important part of running the company that Daniel and I made. I am also commited to be very focused on ideas, so I am a big part of pitching new functions and I am also a big part of the platform and I will continue to help forward the innovation of Synapse.

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John paul