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What's great about Synapse

beats all competition

Best Compression

Syanpse is the only product that is free on the market that will provide you with lossless compression that will cut your file sizes in half.

it is the best lossless compression

Lossless Compression

Your files will never lose their quality after our compression runs its course. We truely believe that there is a big future for the compression field.

best people working on the code

Professional Programmers

A partnership with STL Website Development drives our quality forward. Together we are able to offer this great service free of charge.

open to developers

Add Code

Since Synapse is an open source project, we invite all programmers to pitch in and help us make Synapse the #1 compression tool in the world.

the competition

Coding Competition

The synapse team went to a coding competition and won 3rd place.


Simple Design

We strive for a minimalistic design with a clean user interface on all our products.

donate and download

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Synapse is 100% free and we encourage you to give it a try and spread the word about it!

draw for us

Draw for us

Each month an artist will be chosen and a new logo will be put on our website

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Keep reading and get to know us

Daniel Turanov CEO of Synapse

I am the CEO and founder of Synapse. After months of research and development I came to the conclusion that Synapse could be the world's largest compression platform.

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